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Moved from the $7,500 tax credit thread for political's in the tank.
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Posted by: Yinzer
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...but if battery prices keep dropping quickly as they have been then it may not be as much of a drop in sales as one might suspect (likely a drop right after the tax credit is eliminated and then a rise as battery costs continue to drop). It may also cause resale prices to rise, as the gap between resale and new will rise if the tax credit is eliminated as planned.
I was assuming that Miss Mercedes was talking about a different community, but I might be wrong...

In my rust belt area that overwhelmingly voted for a certain presidential candidate, (I'm trying to stay ""non-political"" here) after a bit of a hopeful period in 2013 to 2015, EV sales have dropped to absolutely zero and all the leases have been returned. Except for my Smart ED with just 6 months left on the lease, I now see zero EV's on the road in my area. EV sales are already dropping to zero or were always zero over most of the USA even before this likely loss of the EV tax credit.

And how, for crying out loud, can a topic in this forum on US tax policy and by extension, the reality of global warming as it relates to the current reactionary, Ayn Randite, US presidential administration and congress be kept ""non-political""???

I await the warning or banning from the (Canadian and blissfully isolated from what we are going through) moderator...
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