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jwight has reported a post.

Three posts from this new member, each quoting the first post in the thread.....smells like a spammer to me.
Post: Who has the most miles? Who's over 50,000?
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Posted by: KALIYATSA
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Got ours in 10/08 and we will hit 30K in a week or two
I saw the zombie thread someone resurrected yesterday about mileage, and the recent responses had only one person clocking in over 40,000 milesFileZilla Malwarebytes Rufus (wdhitch, moderator, with over 60,000). I figure that anyone driving 20,000 miles a year is pretty dedicated (since it's about 500 per week). As of early Feb 2010, there are only a few of us over 40,000. 30,000 is pretty impressive, too.

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Banned, they slipped in some links to sites that'll probably give you malware if you downloaded the "programs" they were advertising. Each of those programs have an actual site to download them from, and they aren't his!

ETA: Ooooh, didn't know there was an option to ban when you delete the comment. Neat!

ETA 2: IP is based in Algeria. Nice try!
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