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Post: Blinker is now in California (listing 64 SMART cars for sale)
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Posted by: Todd Ermentraut
Original Content:
Hey fellow Smarties,

We have over 60 Smart cars for sale!

you can see some of them on our award winning app or old school it to wwblinkerdotcom (you will need to type that since i have not blogged enough). (the app is how you buy a Smart car)

The details:
I work for a company called Blinker, Blinker is a free app that can be downloaded on any "Smart" device. Blinker is already selling hundreds of cars in Colorado, Texas, Florida and as of today California, Our partner in California just happens to have 64 Smart cars that they are selling, so Blinker will help them find a good home. Blinker is a start up company that helps car buyers and sellers transact in a secured environment. (we verify everything about the seller and Buyers, you can only sell the car if you are the registered owner) Blinker offers Smart car rates as low as 2.39% for 72 months (this is todays rate and is subject to change). Most of these Smart cars will have low monthly payments around $90 a month! (that is less than my phone bill. lol). Blinker can help you sell your car (also for free) just snap a photo of it and in just a few minutes our "Smart" computer will verify you as then owner and bingo you can list your car for sale to over 25 sites. IT IS JUST THAT SIMPLE> NO games, No gimmicks. Check us out. And remember you heard about this first on Smart Car of America!

1. Download the free app in your app store (2 min.)
2. find a car you like and see all the details ( few min.)
3. set up an account (2 min)
4. get pre-qualified (2 min)
5. make an offer (1 min)
6. drive/look at the car at our location (download the app for the address)
6.sign all the paperwork on your "SMART" device. (under 10 min)

If you would like more info check out this 1 min. video. ( google a blinker video) sorry I am have not blogged enough to post the link.

We are listing cars daily, look for all Smart cars to be posted in app by the end of next week. If you have any questions please call or call 707-595-3960 mention you want to transact through Blinker and save time and our team will guide you through the quick process. Welcome to the future of car buying.
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