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Is it just me or is this a Friday afternoon TROLL?

"Cabin air filter starts smelling bad at 95k miles" - maybe your should have changed it 8 - 9 years ago???

Have a great weekend. Tom
Post: Smart car problems list 2009 fortwo passion
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Posted by: Smartcarowner85719
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Hello, my smart car has the following problems, I will fix them soon, just posting here for documentation.
Radiator condenser fan broke off housing at 86k miles
HVAC Blower motor intermittently blowing at 90k miles
Convertible roof sliders got stuck at 44k miles
Undercarriage splash shield just fell right off recently, probably user damage
Cargo light sometimes does not go on when opening doors, switch on right position
Cabin air filter starts smelling bad at 95k miles

Why does Mercedes have bad motor designs and bad convertible designs? Why does the transmission shift like a narcoleptic turtle? Any way to fix the transmission slow shifting other than getting an rpm meter and using the paddle shifters? Why do the shocks feel nonexistent?

Otherwise, this car has been really good, 63 miles to the gallon, yes, sometimes even 75 on long highway trips. Handles very well.
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