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Pavel Pokrashenko has reported a post.

Please, edit the headline of my post. I made a typo in word "battery", and cannot edit it myself.

Thanks in advance, Pavel.
Post: Replacement bettery cells for Smart ED 451
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Posted by: Pavel Pokrashenko
Original Content:
Hi, everyone.

I have a 2013 Smart ED 451 with dead battery in Russia.

When dismantled, the battery was only 40V instead of 360V. I carefully raised it to 336V and keep on charging with small current.

Unfortunately, one cell out of 93 ones remained zero volts, and must be replaced to fix the problem.

Does someone have separate cells in good condition for sale? I assume inland delivery to California to my friend who will arrange sea delivery to Russia, because Li-Ion cells are prohibited to shipment by air.
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Done :)
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