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Yannou, do the math. Check gas prices in your area, then figure your current yearly gas costs using the price for regular gas times your yearly miles driven divided by your car's overall miles per gallon figure. Then do the same thing for a smart getting 45 miles per gallon (unless you have a heavy foot!) using the price for premium gas. Unless you drive a motor scooter year-round you will almost certainly find that your costs will be significantly lower for the smart.
In addition, the smart is an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle, or ULEV, is nearly 100% recyclable, and is made in what many consider to be the "greenest" auto factory in the world. Some day soon we may be able to get a fully a hybrid or fully electric smart, but until that day you'll be hard pressed to find a "greener" car than a smart!
Convinced? I am! :D
I figured it out with smart getting 40 mpg and at the prices now I'll save a min. $150 a month over my truck. Still need my truck to pull my trailer. But I don't need to drive it all the time like I am right now. And the prices will only go up. And I'll save even more.
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