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Registration for the Midwest smart Rally is by email. There is no "registration" fee. You only pay for the events you plan to attend.
The following group events have been scheduled, but I need to know if you plan to attend:

On Friday morning, we will take a self-guided tour of the National Mississippi River Museum.
The tour includes the steam dredgeboat William M. Black, aquariums, historical exhibits, wetlands, and a boatyard.
The cost is $12.50 per person payable in advance.

At noon Friday, we will be eating at Breitbach's Country Dining in Balltown. You may order off the menu or try the lunch buffet, payable at the restaurant.

At noon Saturday, we will take a 2-hour lunch cruise aboard the Riverboat Twilight, a replica of the lavish Victorian steamboats.
Iowa pulled pork, cole slaw, baked vegetable chips, and strawberry shortcake will be served. The cost is $52 per person payable in advance.

Please copy the text below and paste it in an email with the following information:

First and last names of persons attending:
Smart Car of America user name:
City and State:
Number of persons attending the National Mississippi River Museum:
Number of persons attending Breitbach's Country Dining:
Number of persons attending the Riverboat Twilight Lunch Cruise:

Send email here. (Click on link) Once I receive your email, I will send a confirmation email with payment information.


See you in Dubuque!

Drive smart
New member needs help. 6-5-2017

I live in Dubuque and drive a 2016 smart.

Bob Brandel (age 75)
Dubuque, Iowa
Lunch at Breitbach's for one (1)
Riverboat Twilight for one (1).

Thank You. [email protected]
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