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Rial rear wheels do fit on the front with 195/50-15 tires, and 20mm spacers, however, the tire clears the body by only about 1mm while turning. I would only do this on the fronts with flares. I put them on the front out of curiosity. I just wanted to know what would fit, if I got flares in the future.

I moved the spacers to the rear, where they look great, and ordered a set of 5mm spacers to make the fronts sit the same. The result in the rear puts the tread under the body, and the bulge of the sidewall outside the body. I think it is perfect. The increased rear track width can definitely be felt in long left turns, and there is no interference.

The 20mm spacers up front would look nice with flares over them, new tires probably wouldn't have cleared though. I wouldn't go more than a 15mm spacer under a flare with the rial rears, if I were to go that route in the future.

I do not use the 2 degree shims. These wheels on 20mm spacers would stick way out if they weren't cambered.


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