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rim paint question

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when i was Rejexing my car a couple of weeks ago i decided to do the rims also. i noticed one of the rims had a nice clear coat of paint on it and the other 3 were just a flat silver with a slight ruff texture. so i was wondering which rim is correct or possible the one may have been replaced or repaired.

which is correct
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The powdered coated, wheels don't have a clear coat. They shine from if from the coated paint. Heated brake dust eats the finish, off them. Leaving pits, brown burnt in coating. If not kept clean. Bake in. The Polish alloy ones are clear coated. The clear coat, starts to fail on them. Salt, tire changing, rock chips, peeling of the clear coating. Those issues, left bare, uncoated , leads deteriorate of the alloy finished.

Like Neon mentioned. All types of alloy wheels, can be refinished. $100-150 buck, new again.
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