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The main thing I feel is that you already are familiar with the car. Paddle shifting and all. So when needing to pass at speed or power is fading when climbing a hill, down shift to 4th gear and the pep is back. Once you have made the pass or topped the hill back to 5th then back to "D". I had wide low profile tires on mine for a while and felt no wind shear at all around trucks. The windiest days push the car around but that is just a tougher driving day. I now have a slightly taller sidewall on the rear and do feel a bit more movement back there, nothing unnerving just more than with the low profiles back there.

I run a lot of long trips...... Check and or change oil. top off washer fluid and antifreeze. have a daul cig lighter usb charger ( one slot for you one for your daughter). get an AUX Jack so you can play music from you or your daughters phone if the smart is not equipped with a blue tooth radio. Print out the route you intend to take as in the course of your trip you will lose phone service from time to time. and while searching for network you may lose navigation source.

A large can of fix a flat could be useful if you needed to move the car a little to somewhere to put on your spare.

**In reference to the spare**** Have your farther insure that the lug bolts are not too tight for you to get them off with a lug wrench if you intend to change the tire in a jam. Frozen lug nuts make a spare useless.

You have five days to go so search the forum regarding lubing the Chassis and Pivot points of your Smart. I swear by it convince Dad to do it..

On the road cruise along at a speed that you find comfortable then find an SUV that is running about the same pace or a little faster and tuck in behind them. The more square the back of the roof line is. the more wind it blocks. It will make the drive quieter and better gas millage running behind them as you have less head wind to push through. Nascar Race cars call it drafting. I actually sit as high as most small SUVs and at 6'2" I can see the car in front of them pretty easy. My favorite SUV to follow are Suburbans and Durangos, But most of then have limo black rear windows so seeing the brake lights in front of them is a little harder. I fill up the gas tank at three bars left. If I am driving with 2 bars showing, I am very unhappy with myself. As a young man I ran out of gas many times, I shouldn't be this old and still that reckless.

Again You Know the car and also Love the car Already, the car will be happy with you.

Waze Navigation is what I use most of the time I recently installed the Smart Highline stereo with navigation unlike Waze it does not announce road hazards. Waze announces POT HOLES try to miss every one of them. The US highway system is in bad shape right now and cracks, expansion joints steel plates and pot holes are all deadly enemies to our Smarts.

Hotwire dot com is my go to for last minute lodging. But also when you gas up near that 400 mile end of the run mark get one of the hotel coupon books for nearby motels.

So ease your Smart car home, on the highway its just a normal riding car.

Enjoy your drive and take photos.
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