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roof cracks

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i don't have them yet but i was reading about how uv causes it. in is really uv or could it just be the heat then you get inside and turn the a/c on full blast?

if it is the uv them what about Rejex (i guess that's the best uv blocker on the market) or is there any wax with a higher uv index.

and then if the cracks get unsightly what about either painting the roof or having a wrap made for it. again i have no idea how well a wrap holds up (does anyone have an idea which is cheaper?)

the previous owner tinted the roof and i installed a sunshade to block the radiant heat so i can't see if i have cracks or not

i am just thinking and planning ahead
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to MikeB1....what was the cost of the wrap?

I put a thin layer of sytrofoam between the roof and sunshade. besides that the previous owner put tint on the inside so I have a triple layer of protection....i hope.
You might want to rethink doing that, read Neon's post above yours as it sounds like doing this will put more heat onto the panel and actually accelerate the issue. Personally I would try and cover the car though that means having to keep it clean so as not to have dirt scratch it.

With Jeeps you can get partial covers that only cover the top to the bottom of the windows but have never seen something like this for a smart, might actually be a handy thing.
There is a cover as you described;
smart car Cover - smartDOME Online Store - smart car Parts and Accessories


California PopTop.
Size C18 is tailored for the smart.
$74.99 on their website. Maybe less elsewhere.
Thanks! I might pick one up for my smart cabrio. Gets extremely hot inside with the windows up in the sun. I have a cover which cost a bit less then the California PopTop but that would mean I didn't have to wash the car every time I wanted to cover it. We have a lot of dust and right now pollen up here.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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