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Roof rack/carrier install

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Thanks to Craigslist and FB market place my 08 smart car now has a roof rack and a cargo carrier.

Universal roof racks (48in bars) 40$
Sears x-cargo carrier 25$
3 cans of red spray paint 15$
2 cans of black spray paint 10$
Self taper screws (4) free

Everyone knows how universal racks work. They hook in the door frame under the weather stripping, and a few tightened knob and boom, your car now has roof racks. I took it once step further (due to them being loose) and used a self tapper into the outer frame. (Yea I know OMG SO PERMANENT whatever)

Then I drilled holes into the bottom of the cargo carrier and used U bolts to fasten them to the racks. (Although pics will show the zip tie mock fitting)

Painted the top and bottom to match as much as I could. Came out pretty close.

Also cut about 3/4 inches off both sides of each bar to make it the same with as the roof (roughly) just looks cleaner.

Now you might be wondering why I wanted to do this?

1. Having a spare tire at all times is nice
2. I saw a bunch of people on here *****ing about how it's not safe and blah blah blah so I decided to do it myself to prove it can be done safely and fine. (Inb4 anyone mentions madazzmatts (YouTube) convertible with the same style carrier and racks ripping off, due to his being a convertible the outside is different than my coupe. No weak points for the frame pieces to rip off)
3. It's def going to make some of you mad
4. I like how it looks honestly

I've tested it out at 90+ miles an hour (which took awhile to get up to lol) and it holds not only sturdy but it doesn't even make the drive any more sketchy. Will report back in high wind conditions.

Also pic coming soon of Thule fairing I picked up from a junkyard for 35$

Mods to the car as it sits

Black out tails
Blacked out headlights
Roof rack
After market radio

Mods 2 cum

3-5 wheel adapters
Dayton 100 spokes (already have)
Window tint
Front lip (DIY)
Quick release steering wheel (stay tuned, as it seems I'll be the only one in the world with it ?)

Last pic was just when I picked up the carrier and bungee corded to get it home. Don't recommend lol


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It's your car, do what you want....
exactly how I feel
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