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My 2013 451 is having an issue where
  • The doors will not lock/unlock from the key. The lights do come on.
  • When the key is put in the ignition and turned to position 1 the car starts. Turning all the way to position 2 doesn't change anything.
  • Once started the car will not leave neutral. Drive and Reverse will show blank and eventually go to flashing N.
  • Xentry is showing that Terminal 50 is always on. Whether the key is in the ignition and turned all the way over or not.
  • I can change gears and open/close the clutch with Xentry.
Things i've checked
  • I've retaught the the keys and confirmed the immobilizer is disabled.
  • The ignition switch and the wire leading into the SAM are working properly.
  • Terminal 50 shows 1.6 volts when the key is in the off position and 12 to 13 when its on position 1.
  • The clutch controller, trans motors, and the TCU are all working properly and the TCU is on the latest firmware. A reset, teach-in and reprogramming all work correctly, but, don't change the problem.

My guess is the SAM is hosed and I have ordered a replacement. I'll tear it down later, just curious if any one else has seen this issue. I've have held the key in position 2 (start) past the startup before, but, never tried putting it in gear so I'm not sure if that would cause the other issues or not. There were no issues with the car prior to this happening.
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