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Thousands of hopeful people from across the nation attempted to buy it. On Nov. 8 this converted Smart car made by Hybrid Technologies Inc., based in Mooresville, N.C., was purchased seconds after it was officially posted for sale. A smart and qualified buyer completes the transaction for the lithium-powered Smart. Sam's Club top gift this year is a 2007 lithium-powered hybrid Smart Car.

Sam's Club with Hybrid Technologies, Inc. had bee offering a lithium-powered Smart Car with zero-emissions and including cutting-edge technology. They are a publicly traded company.

Keith Branyon a Fort Worth attorney was the lucky buyer of a Sam's Club "Once-in-a-Lifetime" gift package after he wired the retailer $35,000 just in time to beat rival customers last month.

Mr. Branyon said "It's really fun to drive." and "It's like a golf cart with a super, super engine in it." He got the keys to his new car and a VIP packaged to a shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center.

His 2007 Smart comes from Hybrid Technologies. It is a Lithium-powered zero-emission vehicle and the national space center contributed space-based intelligence for the car's advanced battery system.

Sam's Club unique gift package also includes a behind-the-scenes, VIP trip to NASA's Kennedy Space Center, to witness a shuttle launch first-hand. This package is offered for $35,000. Sam's Club has been offering Once-in-a-Lifetime packages for 4 years now.

In 2006, Sam's Club sold a Cessna Citation Mustang Jet for $2,734,600 sold in less than 60 seconds.

Hybrid Technologies, Smart has posted top speeds of 80 mph, along with 120 miles of range and a 6-8 hour charging time. George Clooney has been promoting their new electric Smart Car since last summer.

Hybrid Technologies, Inc started filling orders for the car in February of 2007 and recently did the "Once-in-a-Lifetime" gift package campaign with Sam's Club. Hybrid Technologies originally developed a PT Cruiser as part of a SPACE ACT Agreement with NASA.
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