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Hi everyone,

This sample video just in from Peter Atherton who's using film to document his cross country smart trip, ending up in San Francisco at the Lombard St photo shoot on August 17th.

More info about Peter's trip available at

The Lombard St photo shoot thread is here:
or for more info send an blank email to our auto-responder email address: [email protected]

AND if your already planning on attending and haven't done so, please send the following info to [email protected]

SCOA Handle:
smart Model/Color (needed for arranging the cars):
License Plate# (again for staging & possibly for the city - use "pending" if you don't have one yet):
Your City/St:
Which of the days events are you planning on attending:
Lombard St Photo: Y/N
Caravan across SF to Ocean Beach: Y/N/Maybe
Meet&Greet: Y/N/Maybe
Brunch: Y/N/Maybe
# of People for Brunch:
Afternoon Drive: Y/N/Maybe


Thanks Peter for the video - Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!


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I sure hope there's a video camera set up at the top of Lombard Street and a second camera at the Bottom of Lombard Street too. It would be so cool to see a whole line of Smarts going down that street.

Bob Diaz
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