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I will unfortunately have to cancel this meet due to no available participants.

Hopefully something can be done in the near future!

Moderators: Thanks for your help.

Hey all,

Since joining the forums, I haven't seen any organized meet ups in the NYC area. While I unfortunately don't have the time to start and run an official NY Smart Club, I thought about throwing an idea out to us NYC/tri-state Smart owners (and others) to meet and do something great for our community.

I have spent the past two weekends going down to the Rockaways/Breezy Point area to volunteer in any which way that I could. As many of you may have read in the newspapers there was a portion of the "Rockaways" where 111 homes burned down; this was in Breezy Point. While there have been improvements among the homes which are struggling to stay alive, these communities are still in need of much help. I believe if we were able to get a decent group of us to drive down in our Smarts to offer a couple of hours of volunteer work, it'd be great for the Smart community and of course, for the affected communities.

I've owned my Smart for about 2 months now and I've lost count of how many people have smiled as the Smart gets into their field of view (maybe they're just legitimately laughing at me, though:p). Imagine the Rockaways' locals seeing a group of Smart Cars driving down their main road (priceless).

Either way, if you are interested in going down this Sunday morning or have any related ideas, please reply and I will try to set something up.

What: Sandy Volunteer Smart Group
When: Sunday November 25th 11:00am (Leave for Breezy Point ~11:25-11:30)
Where: Meet at Brooklyn Golf Center (Flatbush Ave off Blet Parkway Exit 11S).
Who: Smart Car owners (and a +1 if possible)

Once in Breezy Point (5-7 minutes from Golf Center) there is a habitat for humanity booth that we could all sign up with and they'd assign us to locals in need of volunteers.

The address to The Brooklyn Golf Center is:
3200 Flatbush Avenue
New York, NY 11234

Habitat for Humanities will provide water, snacks, gloves and mouthguards.

Food trucks are also providing free food for volunteers/locals.

Forecast for Sunday: Sunny (41)


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Once you've decided upon, or get enough response for, a definite date let me know and I'll post an announcement ASAP... :wink:

Forget about that (announcement posted), but correct your post #1 in case you've decided to change the date...

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I live to far away to join in but knowing what time you want people to meet and be specific about where.

Do they meet you somewhere and drive down or do you want them to meet you somewhere in Breezy Point? or is Breezy Point a specific location. I don't know your area but was thinking people need to know this.
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