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Yes, now you can actually have a custom user title, plus a picture in your profile, as well as access to the Supporting Member Only Forum.

Simply go to USER CP - PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS which goes to to sign up. This link is also in your User CP as "Paid Subscriptions".

It's just $15 for a YEAR or $30 for 3 years.

Hopefully the price is right, and you'll be happy knowing that you are helping keep Smart Car of America afloat for another year.

So here it goes, as a Supporting Member you receive many added perks that regular users just don't get!
-Increased Personal Message Inbox (250 messages)
-10mb of gallery storage
-Custom profile picture
-Custom user titles
-Can upload attachments (up to .5mb)
-Supporting Member status markup in the forums
-Access to Supporting Member Only forums
-Plus new features being added weekly!

Feedback? Problems? Ideas? Let me know!

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