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Creating New Posts
Members are free to post replies in any thread or create new threads in the forums. At times, Moderators may (re)move your thread or post to another forum that is more suitable for the topic at hand. Please try to use a descriptive title for your thread, something like «Need Help!» is not useful and will cause many experienced members to skip your post. We do not encourage members to post just for the sake of posting. Doing so may result in moderation*.
Please create only one single post for your topic. Do not post to multiple forums creating multiple threads or links to posts in other sub-forums without the permission of the forum administrator; these multiple posts are subject to moderation*.

Personal Attacks
While we encourage lively debates and discussions, we will not tolerate personal attacks of any kind, including but not limited to racial, ethnic or religious comments or slurs. Any member attacking another forum member, moderator/administrator will be subject to moderation*.
Any member that physically threatens another member, vendor or moderator on the forums will result in an immediate automatic suspension. Repeated name calling and insults will not be tolerated. Members are certainly going to disagree from time-to-time, but the disagreement should be about the topic not the person posting. Please keep debates factual and constructive and keep in mind you can always "agree to disagree" rather than enter into a heated argument.
Any business related disagreements should remain either within the Private Messaging system or offline, or may be subject to moderation*.

Response to Comments
If you have a problem with another member's comments in a posted thread, do not respond with any further comments that will aggravate the situation but take the issue to the Private Messaging system or offline. Reacting to a hostile post with more hostility also puts you in jeopardy, and may result in moderation*.

Signature, Avatars and URL links
Smart Car of America has some reasonable guidelines regarding signatures, avatars, and url/email links to keep Smart Car of America a forum that's easy for our members to read...

Avatar file size is restricted by the forum software. Avatar images must follow the work safe and no-advertising image rules.

Members who enable avatars, URLs and signatures that do not follow the guidelines above may receive private or public warnings or may be subject to moderation*.

Non-work-safe Images and Profanity
Smart Car of America strives to be a work-safe forum that allows our members to view topics without breaking most corporate web access and office language rules. No nude images, near-nudity or sexual content are allowed to be posted on our forum, used in avatars, or stored in any gallery of the site. These items will be edited and/or removed without notice. We also ask that a certain level of decorum be observed when posting.

Prohibited Topics
The following topics and links are prohibited on Smart Car of America Forums: Religion (such as Proselytism), Death Penalty, Politics (such as Demagoguery, Partisanship), gun control, and sexually explicit material (even hinted). Suggesting the illegal use of firearms or harming another person are also prohibited.
No fundraising of any type is permitted on SCoA.

Off-Topic Cafe
The Off-Topic Cafe forum is for discussion of everything else in the universe that fits into no other subject specifically categorized on Smart Car of America Forums. All discussions must be work safe, decent and polite; other then that, sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee! But don't forget: the rules do apply here too, as does moderation*.

Multiple Forum IDs Not Allowed / Banned Members
If you are having problems with your user account, do not create a new one. Only one account is allowed per member. If you would like to change your username, or you are having trouble logging in, please PM the administrator.

Vendor Sales and Advertising
Except for Smart Car of America authorized vendors, vendor sales and advertising of any kind are strictly prohibited in any posting area of Smart Car of America forums.
This restriction applies to sales via private message (PM) and applies to vendors offering services as well as any products. Using Smart Car of America membership for product development research is also prohibited without approval of the administrator.
Vendors interested in advertising on Smart Car of America should contact us at [email protected].
All non-approved advertising threads will be deleted, moved or closed. Members who are Vendors or acting on behalf of Vendors who ignore these rules will also have their private messaging and / or forum access limited, or their account suspended permanently.
Supporting Vendors can advertise their product(s) only in the "Vendor Marketplace" sub-forums. Supporting Vendors who interfere with another Supporting Vendor's thread, or start thread(s) for the expressed purpose of undermining another Supporting Vendor or their product(s), may have their post(s) removed.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Non-SCOA-authorized vendors who persist in promotion or advertising on our forums after being requested to desist by a Smart Car of America moderator or administrator agree to promptly pay a fee equivalent to no less than the 12 month fee.

Group Buys
Group Buys (GB) are allowed ONLY in conjunction with a Smart Car of America authorized vendor.

The opinions and comments made in the posts written by our Members are opinions, and the sole responsibility of the individual Member or Vendor. Smart Car of America assumes no responsibility for the content of any thread or post, expressed or implied, submitted by its membership and cannot be held responsible for claims resulting from the purchase and/or use of goods or services advertised or offered by our Membership, Vendors and Supporting Vendors.
Any item in the FAQ and rules may be subject to modification without notice.

* Moderation
A post may be shortened, deleted, (re)moved, or moved to the Holding Tank for evaluation; and/or the author may get a warning and/or infractions points that can result in temporary or permanent suspension. Moderation is done individually and is of no concern to other Users: contest moderation via PM only or risk additional infraction(s).
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