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I use my screen shade about 2 times a day for the last 5 years. Last week I went and pulled it closed and the cord on the left side snapped. You could see part of the tension cord hanging down.

Well the compete assembly is 230.00 from the dealer but I only needed to replace the cord. So out comes the screwdriver....

The whole taken down and reinstall was very easy (just make sure the shade is in the closed position). The cord broke when it takes a 90 degree turn and connects to the tension spring. I checked the remaining good side and it was also ready to go. Both sides needed to be replaced. The hardest part was finding a replacement code for that that broke. I ended up using some Fly fishing line backing with a 30lb test, smooth, same diameter and plenty strong.

It took about 5 yards of fly backing (less than $1.00 from a fly shop). The re-cording needs to occur with the screen in the open position. In this state the cord can be tied around the screen rod and placed into the notch at the top of the take up spool. From there it's just threading it around right and onto the tension spring. Very easy and cheap.

Make sure you place the screen in the closed position before re-installing into the roof.

This is on a 2009 Passion.
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