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seat belt question

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I am doing Uber eats to make extra cash for 2 front rims and 195 tires. I drive and my wife takes the food up to the door.
Her seat belt hangs in the door and she can't remember to check it and the door jamb is getting dented all over the place. I am wondering what luck has been had in cutting the part that is over the seat belt and kinda looks like an anchor. It appears the belt curls up on each side and the distorts the belt causing it to drag on the overhead thingy.

or any other ideas

thanks guys
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I have the exact same problem and it is aggravated by the fact that I have the "SMART" shoulder pads on my belts. I by case of habit slide the shoulder pad down and feed the belt back up but the wife and virtually any passenger I have releases the belt, gets out and the belt never fully retracts and gets jammed up when they try to close the door. I tried using those little plastic button stops but that didn't work at all. JimVW57 could you elaborate on the newer style seat loops you are talking about? What years had the older style and when did they begin the newer style? Thanks. DCO
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