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seat belt question

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I am doing Uber eats to make extra cash for 2 front rims and 195 tires. I drive and my wife takes the food up to the door.
Her seat belt hangs in the door and she can't remember to check it and the door jamb is getting dented all over the place. I am wondering what luck has been had in cutting the part that is over the seat belt and kinda looks like an anchor. It appears the belt curls up on each side and the distorts the belt causing it to drag on the overhead thingy.

or any other ideas

thanks guys
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Evilution is your friend - requires subscription

Jimvw57, what do you mean by the newer so? is it a new melt or is it the guide and how do you get the guide off? I see no screws holding it on. Get it thru MB?
451 Seatbelt Guide Upgrade

"Have you noticed how the 451 seat belts don't retract very well? It's not the belt, it's the angle of the guide causing friction."

Annual Subscription to Kane's work of "smart love" is well worth the "investment" of approximately $1.50 per month (subject to dollar to pound flux)! :wink:
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According to the parts guide, 2008 pass seatbelt loop part number is 451-860-00-22 and the 2013 part number is 451-860-05-22. same price on both parts.
Kane sez,

A 451 860 04 22
A 451 860 05 22

This will give you 1 left and 1 right seat belt guide in the new design.

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