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Sorry for double-posting this... I think this forum might be a bit more appropriate:

I'm trying to gauge interest in an Area 451 Cruise Control install party put on by SmartieParts in the Seattle area. He will be doing one in Boise towards the end of March. If we give him enough time, he can do the install before or after the Boise party (his flight goes through Seatac).

The cost depends on the number of participants and the travel costs involved. Using a ROUGH estimate, SmartieParts ESTIMATES:

For a separate install party (not before or after the Boise install party):
For 5 participants, the per-unit cost, including installation, would be $560.
For 10, it would be $470.
For 20, it would be $425.

If he can piggyback the trip with the Boise trip:
For 5, it would be $510.
For 10, it would be $440.
For 20, it would be $405+ (probably a little more since he'll have to stay 2 nights in a hotel)

I was thinking of installing the Area 451 unit myself but at the prices above, I'll let an expert do it. That's 1 install. My boss at work is another install.

Anybody else interested?
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