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Seattle Rally

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Hi everyone in Seattle! I heard today from another owner that there will be a Smart Car Rally in Seattle around the first of May. Anyone know about this?:confused:

We love our cabrio and have been driving a lot more than usual because it is so much fun! If we could just have a dollar for everyone who has talked to us about our car...

Rosemary and Arne
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Welcome to the forum. Have not heard about a rally however it sounds like fun. Linda
Euro Sunday

Euro Sunday Seattle runs May through October. It is the second Sunday of the month. The first event of the year is--

EuroSunday© 5/10/2009
3000 Parking Garage - Carillon Point, Kirkland, WA - map it
9:00am to 11:30am - Show and Shine
Drive and lunch after the event.

More info here: A monthly gathering of Euro car & motorcycle enthusiasts.

Also, check in the forums here under Pacific Northwest Region:
Pacific NorthWest Region - Smart Car of America Forums

And welcome to scoa!
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