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Secondary air injection system delete (451)

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Howdy all,

couple questions. Will an engine light code be thrown when the weeding the entire SAI system, and if so how do you go about fixing that?

secound question, does somebody make a block off plate, for the engine block?
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There are thing that could be wrong - 50 amp fuse, pump relay, secondary air pump itself, switchover valve, air valve itself stuck or dirty with some gunk, or there is a vacuum leak in any of the tubes that are involved. These are all need to be checked. If it all looks good after it, reset the codes. If they are still pop up, do a hard reset - disconnect a battery for a while..
I just got rid of that p0410 code I don’t know how. I’ve replaced everything possible without getting to the metal thingy valve itself, and after erasing codes, nothing, it would still pop up. Then I did a battery disconnect, and erased the code with just different app on my phone than usual app on my cheapo elm dongle. Almost 200 miles and no code.
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