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secret storage shelf

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what do you store on that shelf?

I have an bumbershoot (German for umbrella I think) and a couple of fold-up ponchos and a towel to dry off with
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I assume the shelf in the passenger footwell. It sounds great on paper, but one hard acceleration will launch whatever you store in there towards your passenger.

It's great for secretly storing stuff while parked though.

I prefer storing things in the hidden compartment behind the left brake light. :private:
Okay! I see about a 6" X 10" flat area up there. Yeah, I guess it could be useful when the car is parked.

But I have no hidden compartment behind the left brake light. There's a large'ish access panel but behind it is a piece of foam that sits on top of a metal plate sealing off whatever cavity might be back there. :|
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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