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seeking Information Detroit Oct 13th 2018 event

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Anyone know of a Smart Car related event in the Detroit area scheduled around the 13 of October 2018. I have heard there may be and event but can find no information on it. If there is an event I intend to attend.

Any information would be highly appreciated.
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How is everyone in the Detroit area. If weather holds up I plan on leaving NYC Friday the 12th after rush hour.
Headed out of New York ... Michigan bound!
The Rear Spoiler is in place now. I installed at a LOWES on the way back looks sharp. Here is the Michigan Mod never to be forgotten.

Hell Saloon tag

Great Time. We got a lot of seat time great runs and views and the Ford Museum to boot. The Cider was to die for good. Now when told to go to Hell....... Been There Done That. SkyLine Drive next up.
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1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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