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Seeking Smart Car Passion in Maryland

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I registered and paid $99 reservation fee for a smartcar passion style in mettalic blue if possible. It has been almost a month and I have heard nothing. What is status of availability in Maryland near Washington DC or Baltimore? Any suggestions where to inquire?

Also was confused by some of email string regarding gasoline. I thought this was an all electric car with 70 mile range on one charge. Is this not correct? Is there a combined electric plus gas version and a gas only version?

What is the experience with repairs and insurance costs among current owners? Any problems to be aware of?

It is exciting to think one can be a part of a movement to make US more gas independent!

Thanks for any and all good information shared.

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You may want to contact the Smart Center in Annapolis, MD.

But you also may want to check out the smart website at smart USA - open your mind to the car that challenges the status quo for more info on the car.

This is a gasoline car. I currently have mixed feelings as my car broke after 2.5 days and has been in the dealership ever since (over 2 weeks now). I do think my experience is rare. Check out the message boards and see what you think.
WoW - nearly a month!

Sorry, that was sarcastic. . . :rolleyes: It took me a month to get an email reply stating that I'd reserved, and maybe another 3-4 weeks before it showed up on my credit card. Don't get excited - it'll all happen in good time.
Meanwhile, lurk around here and the site and learn what you can about the vehicle and all of it's quirks and such. Visit with your nearest dealer and become familiar to them - ask questions, both there and here.
Also, remember - for every negative post you see here, there may be 25 folks who are having no problems at all with their smarts. . . as well as all of the positive posts here. It is an amazing little car.
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