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Seeking Smart Car Passion in Maryland

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I registered and paid $99 reservation fee for a smartcar passion style in mettalic blue if possible. It has been almost a month and I have heard nothing. What is status of availability in Maryland near Washington DC or Baltimore? Any suggestions where to inquire?

Also was confused by some of email string regarding gasoline. I thought this was an all electric car with 70 mile range on one charge. Is this not correct? Is there a combined electric plus gas version and a gas only version?

What is the experience with repairs and insurance costs among current owners? Any problems to be aware of?

It is exciting to think one can be a part of a movement to make US more gas independent!

Thanks for any and all good information shared.

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You may want to contact the Smart Center in Annapolis, MD.

But you also may want to check out the smart website at smart USA - open your mind to the car that challenges the status quo for more info on the car.

This is a gasoline car. I currently have mixed feelings as my car broke after 2.5 days and has been in the dealership ever since (over 2 weeks now). I do think my experience is rare. Check out the message boards and see what you think.
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