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Serpentine belt snapped, broke Oil Sending Unit.

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Car was running fine before this happened, would start every time regardless of temperature outside. I've since... sorta replaced the sending unit and belt. The belt snapped and took the entire unit with it leaving just the bolt end and a nub of plastic left lol. It also snapped the wire leading to this so I now have no plug end and had to basically solder to the pin down inside and solder the wire to what was left on the other side. Anyone know of a replacement wire with the plug that goes into the sending unit? The car no longer starts after replacing these items. It cranks but it cranks kinda... weird. Like 1 turn every 3/4 a second. Slow cranks kinda. Hard to describe. I have all lights and am getting power. I can measure the voltage tomorrow after work when I can and update it. I did try jumping and nothing worked. Are there things in the general area of the belt that it possibly took out? I know space is tight so it's hard to tell. Thanks for the help!
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Your serpentine belt has two other pulleys to run apart from the alternator's; the tensioner and the crankshaft. Check if the tensioner pulley and the alternator pulley if they are seized. My bet is the tensioner needing replaced. Good luck!
The tensioner seem to spin fine by hand, is that ok or no?
The serpentine also drives the water pump, so if the car was operated for any time after the belt snapped, there's a chance it overheated and damaged the head and/or the intake manifold; check your compression.
I had to replace the plug to the oil sending unit and found the Audi 1J0973701A plug to work well.
It wasn't me driving so I can't say exactly how long after it was driven but he said it wasn't a very long time. I'll order that plug now cuz the current setup I have is the very definition of jank, lol. How do I test the compression?
Assuming the engine isn't toast, how are the accessories? Something had to cause that belt to break. A seized alternator will easily cause a belt to violently snap. The car will then not be able to start with the new belt because it can't overcome the dead alternator. End result is very slow engine rotation as the belt drags across the alternator. That's exactly what happened with a 2005 I had and my 2012.
Which accessories? D: Like dash lights and such? If so, all of those seem to be functional. I've no way to test the alternator without just taking it off and replacing it and those aren't really cheap enough to just experiment with. :(
So a bit of an update. Installed a new oil sending unit and everything and still same issue. Also I have a short video of what it sounds like. received_1200464367038044
Hope it helps any at all.
Interesting... so there's a part to the right of the alternator, not sure of the name but the hose looks like it got slapped by the belt but not sure what that part is or how difficult it is to replace.
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So there might be an issue with that... I wrapped it tightly in tape so I'll need to take it off tomorrow to take the picture for you cuz it feels and looks like there's a decent nick in there. I assumed there could have been a hole so I wrapped it. DOH!

EDIT: Picture added


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No problem, I love this car even though I bought it in rough shape so I'm willing to fix it but not willing to just throw parts at it until it works lol.
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Where is your location btw? Anywhere near Pittsburgh?
I am not unfortunately.
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