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Get 'em now. There will be another winter coming! Me, I'm heading for snow-free climate.:D

Two brand-new (driven < 1 month) rear Conti TS800
Two Dunlop SP fronts - 3-winters old, but enough tread for at least one more
All on rial alloys with TPMS, all stock sizes.
The ugly: rims have some curb rash
One of the brand new Contis has a screw in it - this should be pluggable, but I make no guarantees.

How I got to the price: wheels are ~ $400 new from TireRack, half off for curb rash.
Contis are $125 each. You pay $100 for one, the one with the screw is free.
Dunlops are free, because old.
TPMS are another free bonus.

Pickup only. I'm west of Boston, but can meet you within the EDs range...

PM for photos and more details
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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