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Setting clock in 2018 Electric Smart for Two

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I tried to change the time on the radio display as indicated in settings but when I get to the Clock part, the change the time box does not light up and thus I don't get anywhere. Anyone help?
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I'm having the same issue as jhecht4942. I can setup the time in the screen behind the steering wheel but not on the smart media system. The "Set Time" option is grayed out.

The software needs to be updated

You need to save the update to a USB drive, put it in the car and wait to be done.

I did this today and the clock is back to normal.

I believe it makes sense now... the time is set by GPS, that's why the option is grayed out.
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Arturo, when did you get the electric smart? :)
Got it the last day of May. So far just a little over 1000 miles as I work half of my time from home. I miss some features of my 451 but I'm happy with the 453.

It was probably the last chance I had to get a new 453 before the brand leaves the country. I did a lease so at the end of 3 years I'll return it and see what else I can get.

My smarts so far:
  • 2015 450 (new)
  • 2013 roadster (demo car, practically new)
  • 2008 451 (bought it new from a guy that won it in a golf tournament)
  • 2013 451 (bought used with 24,000 miles)
  • 2018 Electric Drive (10th Anniversary Edition)
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