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While driving, my car will start jerking before or after a shift, but this only happen under a heavier load. If I let off the accelerate a bit and slower reengage the shift is smooth, The problem also can occur going up hill or in gear with heavy acceleration. OBD2 graph shows a neutral shift between gears, someone mentioned a false neutral?? (I attached the graph to accurately show this). The problem is more frequent when the A/C is on.

I recently replaced the bottom mount because it had worn completely through and had been that way for sometime. I was thinking maybe the Clutch Acuter readjusted for the broken mount and can't find correct position. I have also replaced the Fluid in the case and made sure it was the appropriate weight. 75w-90. no slipping out of gears occurs and it shifts from P-N-D fine with the rare hiccup

No engine or Transmission codes are being shown on OBD2 either, thus making this more difficult to diagnose.

Re-position Clutch Actuator? Switch not communicating? Actuator motor dying?


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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