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I drive in manual mode exclusively via paddle shifters. It seems to shift effortlessly and instantly with a flick of my fingers and I love the feel of the car when in manual. (My Mercedes vehicles do this too, but I still think it's super)I also like to go manual via the shift knob going up, or down through the gears. It reminds me of a stick shift and I also love it.

My questions:
Is using the stick harder on some part of the car than paddles? Trans, some parts I can't see, etc.?
Is it the same to the car either way meaning that they both have the same effect in the car while using either mode?

It seems like the stick mode is much harder on the car, because of the physical moving the stick around, but the car may see it as identical.

Hard to explain, but maybe you have an idea what I am asking.

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It's designed for it!! My 451 has close to 130,000 miles now, 99.9% of which were driven in manual mode. Still shifts give or take like any other smart.

Don't worry, these transmissions are designed to work in either mode. :)

Fun fact, in Europe there are two shifting variants. First, you have softip. Softip is literally a forced Manual Mode. You get a fun, "L" shift gate with "+", "-", "N", and "R". You park by putting into Neutral and setting the parking brake.

With softouch, the transmission is exactly the same as softip, but on the gearshifter there is a button to activate the full Automatic Mode

In America, we have a modified version of softouch. Instead of the L gate, we have the familiar PRND+- and a parking pawl.

Double fun fact: The transmission is exactly the same across all variants, with the only difference being software and a button on the Euro versions, and a different shift pattern for the USA.

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Placebo or real difference question?

All my "Quote unquote" Manual Driving. has been done with Gear shift in auto position and initiated by taps on the paddle shifter, and returned to auto mode by holding up paddle until return to auto mode.


Last two days. I have moved the gear shift lever to manual mode form the onset of the drive and left it there. Still using the Paddle shifters, I totally believe the car behaves smoother.

So is there a chance where the gear shifter position is located triggers some additional info to the computer assist system. to make a difference between paddle shifting in auto position as opposed to paddle shifting in manual position.???
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