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I just have to give another shout-out to EuroWise in Charlotte. I was asking about buying Kleen-Wheels for my smart the other day and then I had a "senior flash." I somehow remembered maybe buying a set a long time ago. Looked in my disaster-looking shed and sure enough, there was the box. I have no idea when I ordered them or from whom, but probably from Smart Madness.

I don't have a jack, so I drove over to EuroWise at 4:45 p.m. to see if anyone was loose to install them. One mechanic had some free time, so he said he'd install them. After about 30 minutes, I see him driving the smart back and forth in the garage. He told me that there was a rubbing sound from each front wheel at each revolution and they were rubbing against the brake caliper.

Another mechanic came over to take a look, and I mentioned to him also that I saw on the forum here that they had to be pushed on enough for the balancing weights to make a little dimple in them so they seat all the way.

They went back to work and after another 20 minutes or so drove the smart out and said all was fine now. Sure enough, no more rubbing. Went to pay and the manager said they'd just put it down as a tire rotation and I owed them the grand sum of $15.00. I blurted out, "That's all?" He said he could charge me $100.00 if it made me feel better. I declined his offer.

We just had the timing belt changed out on my wife's Audi, she previously had a leak with over-heating that they fixed, she's had oil changes done by them, I've had an aggravating limp-home, yellow triangle where the dealer tried to stick it to me good that Eurowise quickly diagnosed, changed out the accelerator assembly and got me to loving my smart again. Dealer said it was the brake-light switch (which it wasn't) and wanted over $1200.00 to replace it! Tried to blame it on my LED 3rd brake-light.

We have never felt talked down to, treated impolitely or felt we were over-charged for anything at EuroWise. To diagnose the limp-home problem on their scanner and replace the accelerator assembly cost me a grand total of $75.00 (plus the part which I picked up at the dealer). The dealership charged me $79.00 just for a diagnosis and lied to me about what it showed.

If Charlotte is anywhere doable for you to get your smart worked on, you can't go wrong at EuroWise. They're a real breath of fresh air. They specialize in VWs, Audis, BMWs and now smarts, but will work on any European car. They previously changed out a burned up engine on a smart.

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