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Ok so i was driving in the rain and my skirts came off. I'm looking online for some but cant seem to find any. I have a 2012 Smart car Passion. I would like to know where i can find it and does it come painted already. As far as i know this panels are all just plastic not metal. does it come painted or do all of them come in the same as the 2010-2011? Any help you can provide with a link where i can get some parts from. I called the dealer but they are unable to answer a simple question. Gave them my vin and all and he is still unable to tell me if i will need to paint it or not.
I am unclear whether you are talking about a sartorial snafu or a automotive problem. I don't wear skirts, so I can not help with the former. If the latter and you are referring to the side panels below the doors, read on.

A 451 690 13 25 paneling, side sill left, illustration # 120

A 451 690 14 25 paneling, side sill right, illustration # 130

A 000 991 20 98 clip, door sill panels left and right, illustration # 150

A 000 990 54 92 expansion rivet, door sill panels left and right 6mm, illustration # 160

Color notes on panels states, prime coated. Best I can do with such small illustration in the part look-up.


1 - 1 of 27 Posts