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Skipping 2nd gear

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I have replaced actuator, clutch ( since 150000) and the tcm was soak and wet. Know my issue is that it will go through all the gear after relearned but in a few mile it will skip 2nd gear all together. I took off the shifter motor cleaned both sides still no change. My question should get a used one or maybe get new brushes installed, any suggestions at a loss.

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Will it go into 2nd gear when using the paddles, or shifter in the manual mode?
If it does, I would not think the motors are the problem. Have you done the relearn procedure?
I am thinking software issue, since the mechanical seems to work.
Any codes showing?
Starting to sound like a trip to the dealer.
Before you do that... might want to check all the wires to the
shift actuator, gear shift motors, possibly do a battery disconnect
for an hour then reconnect. If its a gremlin in there running around,
better you find it first!
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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