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I own a Smart Forfour 453 that has the 0.9 turbo engine and the DCT gearbox,
currently the car millage is 70000km, it's a recent buy and I have some concerns about the car:

1. When started cold, outside temperature about 2.. 3 degree C the idle fluctuates between 800 rpm
to 1500 for about 20 seconds, after that it settles at 1100rpm then after about 1 minutes it
settle to the normal 900rpm. Do this happens to other cars too ? Is it normal ?

2. When slightly releasing the break, not completely, in order to slowly move forward the
engine stutters and shakes, sometimes pretty hard. It's like trying to trying to start in
the 1st gear in a manual car but you left the parking break on. I only had automatic gearbox cars
with torque converts, not DCT type and no mater what they don't stutters or shake when slowly moving forward.
This sometimes happens when slowly coming to a stop in traffic or when slowly staring to move forward.
It feels like the car isn't' capable to hold the idle when the clutch is not fully engaged.

3. Fuel consumption is about 12 l/100km, consider I take a lot of very short trips with the engine
not reaching it's normal operating temperature.

What I did so far to the car:
1. Replaced spark plugs
2. Replaced the camshaft position sensor ( a slight improvement, engine runs smoother )
3. Replaced the camshaft solenoid ( common fault on 453's, big improvement after this )
4. Replaced the battery with 60Ah AGM type, the old battery was done.
5. General maintenance, oil, filters.

I feel like I'm missing something and still the car doesn't run as it should, the most
annoying thing is the engine stuttering.


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My car shakes also like that but seems normal to me it is a 3cylinder car with the smallest DTC in production vehicles. The transmissions are still an upgrade from previous generation but not smooth in todays standards

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