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today on the way home from work at 6 am driving by a local farm , at about 35 mph I happen to hit a rather large tabby cat with my S.Mann Smart. stupid cat ran right out in front as i was going by.. never seen him until he got hit...

dead center of the front spoiler.... the cat... well lets say his 9 lives are used up... as i not only hit him, rolled him underneath, but flattened him out with one rear Kuhmo 205/55/15...
poor cat..

Spoiler, busted underneath, broke away from the body/frame, but mostly intact. though it looks like crap now...

so sometime this week I will decide either fix with fiberglass (Im a professional at 'glassing) , or replacing if I can get another.. its only plastic..

my question, how difficult is it to remove the front unit, anyone got any idea?
looks simple enough (i think)... will post a few pics of the damage and the fix as I get this chance... steveg. NY
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