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(Smart 450 fortwo - 1999 - gasoline)
My Smart car had a short due to water damage. The short was in de secondary fuse-boxe (F2) underneath the drivers seat.

After the repair, there was no communication with the MME (Meg motor electronics control unit/ECU)
("1 line on the speedo", a CAN bus fault )

After replacing the MME/ECU (and transfer the EEPROM) the CAN bus fault was gone.

But now:
The engine won't start. (Nor crank)
Car keeps beeping.
The following lights are on: Engine, Ale30 (Oil) & Charge indivator (battery).
The screen says "N". When turning the key, it flickers "0" and than goes to the "N".

I have a ICarsoft Multi-system Car Diagnostic Tool MB V2.0
I can see (and read) the following modules:
  • MME - Meg motor electronics control unit
  • ABS - ABS control module
  • RS - Restraint systems controller
  • IC - Instrument cluster A1
  • SZ - SAM-ZEE control unit

From the MME/ECU can i read the moduel info and data, but i can't read any faults nor delete them.

In the attachments: A readout with a ICarsoft of all the data it can see.

Has anyone an idea or tips?
Thanks in advance


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