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Hello friends,
I have an hard problem with my Smart 450.
When I drive it in long distances, the warning light of the triangle lights up and the accelerator no longer responds.
I'm forced to stop to turn off and restart the engine and start again. However, if I run strong in short stretches, it does not happen.
It usually takes over 3,500 rpm.
Link Mbstar to make a diagnosis and exit error 46 (P2046) "Load fault in monitoring module".
I have checked all the air suction system, replaced all sensors like MAP sensor, air temperature sensor, turbo, wastegate, two solenoid wastegate control valves, throttle body, all the hoses ... but the problem persists ... you have some help to give me?
I must check the air suction manifold ....because if it has a crack behind can not see it...
Thanks a lot
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