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Smart 453 DCT American spec

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This is my first post on this forum, I would appreciate any help or information.
I live in the UK and own a Smart 453 DCT, it's the Brabus model which I believe may not be available in the U.S but it's basically a 0.9 turbo engine tuned to 108bhp, DCT Transmission (known as twinamic in the UK) suspension lowered by 10mm, sports seats and Brabus badging.
I have been following a thread on this forum concerning flat towing a 2016/17 Smart 453 DCT and read with great interest that Smart car of America have approved this car for flat towing if the correct procedures are followed.
Apart from the obvious LHD/RHD difference I would like to know I if there is anything between a U.S supplied and UK supplied 2016/17 Smart 453 DCT that would prevent me from flat towing my car.
The advice from Mercedes Benz in the UK is opposite to the U.S advice, they say manual transmissions are ok but not twinamics. (DCT)
Thank you.
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That’s what our manuals originally said for flat tow in the U.S. but the mothership amended that to allow flat tow. We only got the cosmetic version of the Brabus, not the one with the hp and torque bump.
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