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Has anyone else tried to quiet down the road noise on the 453 Brabus?

I have traced the problem to a lack of sound insulation and the rear tires on the 453 Brabus package

I bought a new Brabus 453 Feb 28, 2017 and love everything except the road noise which is very hight from the Yokohama tires. Checking further the tires on the 453 are a special Yoko did for the Smart. They are a block pattern that does not work well in the wet, like here in Seattle, and are a hard rubber. Not exactly a performance tire just a performance size. I changed to the winter tires from my 450 wide winter package and the performance is up and noise down even with 15" wheels.

I am changing over to Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 as they are higher performance rated and much quieter than my Yokohamas are. As long as you go up in width on the front there are a good selection of tires for the Brabus 453.
I think Im gonna end up changing out the tires on mine after she gets her springs installed. The road noise isnt extremely bad except on concrete bridges and a little noisy on the freeway in general. I dont usually take the freeway to work much so I didnt really notice it until my mom was visiting me last week. Ive been thinking about changing to a wider tire anyway, so might have to make that a priority soon. I priced some out a while back and they were only $500.. and that was Tirerack whos more expensive than most. Not bad to fix some of the noise and the overall look of the car. :D
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