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Many of our friends to the north are asking, why such a price increase from the U.S.A. Smart cars? According to the smart Canada website the base price for a 2008 Smart Pure coupe is $14,990, the Passion Coupe strarts at $18,250 and the Smart passion cabiorlet is $21,250, plus any options or accessories. Prices do not include taxes, freight, PDI, and dealer charges. One things for sure its not about the CAD to the USD. 21,250 Canadian Dollar = 21,571.2 US Dollar.

In 2003 Mercedes-Benz Canada was alerted that demand for their Smart would be considerable, but nonetheless, demand was under-estimated. Most of the 60 Mercedes-Benz Canada dealers that sold the Smart had buyers waiting months for the Smart and in some cases over a year, even with sizeable deposits.

In 2004 when DaimlerChrysler first presented the Smart Car to the Canadian market that the Smart ForTwo officially came to North America.

In just a few short years sales of the Canadian (cdi) version substantially exceeded all sales targets, by nearly five times selling over 10,000 Smart Cars since 2004.

In fact, in only its first year in Canada, the Smart ForTwo outsold nearly all other niche micro-mini vehicles, including the popular Volkswagen Beetle and Canada's Mini Cooper.

Akin to its Canadian introduction to the North American market, the potential for Smart sales in the U.S. - the world's largest car market- will be substantial.

The Smart's overwhelming success in up north was not the result of a full-scale marketing campaign, but the car generated its own Canadian interest.

Newspapers and magazines from all over Canada picked up on Smart's, unique, new alternative vehicle and drove consumers to local dealers looking to buy a Smart. Just like what is happening in the U.S.

The Canadian cdi Smart came with a 800cc 40hp diesel motor. The Canadian Smart was a rear-engine, rear-wheel-drive car and had an aluminum three-cylinder, air-cooled engine. This turbo-diesel power plant was the only engine offered for the Canadian Smarts. This was because of emission regulations for their gasoline engines set forth by Transport Canada.

The Smart cdi is the world's smallest diesel motor. It utilizes a meager 40 hp and had a fuel consumption some say of 70 miles per gallon. The common diesel injection (cdi) engine matched perfectly for Canadian drivers looking for unpolluted energy and financial prudence.

The Smart cdi meet all emission and safety requirements imposed by Transport and Environment Canada. But for some straight reasons could not meet our DOT and EPA standards?

Mercedes-Benz Canada offers a warranty of 48 months or 50,000 miles, an adjustment period 12 months or 12,000 miles, an emission warranty of 24 months or 25,000 miles, whichever occurs first. On certain parts they had 96 months or 80,000 miles and a surface warranty on corrosion of 48 months or 50,000 miles.

The U.S models, when available will have a scanty 24,000 mile or 24 month warranty. Hopefully this will change.

To the disappointment of many the 2008 Canadian Smart will be the 70hp gas model.

Like the ever popular Mini Cooper® in the United States, Smart thinking dictates that the Smart ForTwo will see enormous and steady demand for years to come. In 2006 Mercedes-Benz Canada offered leases for the Smart Pure coupe.

It came with air conditioning available for $192.00 per month for 39 months, with a down payment of $1,522.00 plus first monthly payment and security deposit of $210, plus taxes due at lease inception. They also offer a $2000 ecoAuto rebate.

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