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Hey everyone! I didn’t know where to post about this, but maybe someone here can help me out. So about a year ago a friend of mine was riding with me and they were playing with my sunroof visor and completely broke it off, snapped the screws in half so good that there’s no way you could even fix it. So I’m wondering if there are any products I can use to cover my sunroof without damaging it (and that will actually stay up there) because I am so tired of having to drive around with the sun just bathing on my head, and my car gets so much hotter with nothing there to protect it. I drive a smart for two, 2009 Passion, and my sunroof does not move, and the “sunroof” is what I’ve been told to actually be a “moonroof”. If anyone could help me out with a solution that’d be great! Thanks!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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