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Smart Car AC Issue

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I have noticed if I have my AC on 3 every once in awhile, the speed of the AC fan will slow down and still blow cold air and then it goes back to the speed it was originally on. I had at first thought this was an economy feature on the Smart but when it happened the first time, the AC console shorted out and the AC would not turn on. It is starting to happen again. We have taken it back to Mercedes and they can not figure out what the issue is.

Does anyone else have a problem with the AC blower motor changing speeds when you have left it on 3 or 4?

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It may actually be the damper opening the outside air door which makes it quieter and then closing it off (recirc mode) which makes the fan louder like it is running faster. The auto temp. control will do this to enhance cooling if the temp gets too far from the set temp. This is all normal.
If the fan stops altogether, that is more typical of the fan failing.
If the A.C. controller does call for recirc mode, it will not light the re-circ button light as when it has been manually turned on.
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