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I am selling a Smart ForTwo Glass engine cover. The Company that made these only made a handful of these and they are hard to find; and when one surfaces from time to time they go quickly. This will pretty much fit all 451 model smart cars, which account for 98 % of all the smart cars in America.

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I'm selling the glass engine cover for $199 or best offer. I can be reached at 920-248-2327
Man, I was thinking about getting my 451 turbo charged and that would look pretty sweet. I have to wonder how much louder the engine is going to be with glass as the topper

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The sound is not much different than the metal covere, it's hard to tell by the picture --- the glass cover is thicker​ than the metal cover.
Do you run it without the carpet/padding? If so, does the cab heat up more?
I ran it without the carpet padding, in regards to heat it did not notice anything out the ordinary. My smart was a 2009 Silver Brabus
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