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I just bought my used 2014 Smart ForTwo. I recently got my oil changed at the Mercedes Dealership. They said that my brake pads and rotors needed changed and quoted me $686 for just the front brakes and rotors. I thought that sounded very high and am looking to see if any fellow Smart drivers have any suggestions on fair mechanics in the area? Thanks! -Daniel
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Sometimes rotors need to be replaced with pads - sometimes not. Rotors need to be replaced when they are at or near the wear limit and that can be measured. In my experience it's a waste of time and money to turn the rotors. There just isn't enough meat on them for that to make sense. Now if a rotor is warped, overheated, etc., they may need to be replaced, but too many places try to hit you for new rotors when you don't need them. Any decent mechanic can do pads and maybe rotors or have a buddy teach you how to DIY. Pads can be done for under $100.

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