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Guys i came across this forum, i use my smart car for work. And if i dont get it fixed like today i could be out of work for a while.

Back story, I was driving in traffic and i felt the car kick like 3-4 times really hard like it was jumping. I turned the car off and that was it never turned back on.

The codes that it threw were p900/p901 that says actuator.

I greased it up, but that didn't help. Car has power it wont turn over at all though. Not iven a click click click or da da da.

I noticed when shifting threw the cars when the car the actuator on the bottom of the car is not moving in or out. I was told to put the car in nuetral so it would help me able to put the boot back on. But when i put it in nuetral the boot didnt extended stays in that position no matter what the gear is.

Is it a sensor some where or any ideas ? im convinced its an issue with this and not a starter or fuel pump ( start is fine fuel pump primes battery is good) it just doesn't even attempt to start.

Any help would be appreciated i been searching the forums but nothing that seems to help.
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