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Great Service

Hi All,

Let me calm your concerns about the new Smart Center on Woodward.

I had my first great SMART experience at the Detroit Auto Show when I signed up to test drive a SMART car and in exchange got a $40 gift card to Target. I test drove the Smart at the Telegraph Smart and had an amazing experience with the folks there and that is when I fell in love with the Smart car.

On April 17th, just over a month ago I traded in my gas guzzling 15mpg 99' Dodge Ram Pickup at the Smart Center on Woodward and leased a new 2012 Passion Coupe. Suzette Almas is who assisted me with my lease, and was amazing. She was able to call in several favors and get me, a 22 year old with one type of credit history (credit cards) approved for a 3 year lease with a low payment of $150 a month, on my own, no co-signer. She was attentive, explained everything in detail, ensured myself and a friend were comfortable in the lounge with all kind of beverages and snacks while the paperwork was finished and the vehicle was checked over, and she even called me a few days after to check in and see how I was enjoying my new vehicle.

They only had 4 Smart's (including the one I ended up leasing) on hand when I made my purchase, and there was no Smart signage anywhere outside of the building, but they did have a showroom dedicated to the Smarts.
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