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Smart Center VA Beach - 19 cars on lot!

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:D*** UPDATE ***:D

Yesterday I visited the Smart Center in VA Beach (3/4). They have several smart cars for sale, ORPHANS!

For directions & to view what's on the lot visit:

With gas prices starting to go back up - now is the time to buy even if it is as your second car....
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What time did you swing buy? I was there a little after 5. They still had the Silver Barbus Cabi as of yesterday, too. I took the Black Barbus coup home with me on Monday :p

It was around 11am on Wednesday. They were lined up and took up all the parking spots. LOL

I have posted it everywhere I could think - I know there are people that want them out there... People just don't know... So, spread the word!
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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